legacy of the mob


Where Are they Now? Pt. 2

written by: optimizer

Last time we tracked down odium, blaz, zth and twm, finding out what these guys are doing today as ex-mobsters. Today we continue our search for ex-mobsters, find out how we managed to turn a pig into a mobster. Welcome to part two of “Where are they now?”

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Where Are they Now? Pt.1

written by: optimizer

A lot have changed since the glory days of being a member of a respected family, still respected for their work during the golden years of mobster wars, yet no longer feared.

A lot of people have asked the same question since we ran out of business back in 2006: Where are they now? I decided to track down the remaining mobsters, trying to find out what these wise guys are doing today.

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Building a New Family

written by: optimizer

Today we salute our most notorious wise guy, Dan ”odium” Johansson as he’s now building his own family down in south Sweden with his wife Elina. Father to a newly born daughter, Isabella, he’s now focusing on what’s its like to be a family father.

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Eurocup XIV Without the Mobsters

written by: optimizer

As the headline reveals, legacy of the mob won’t participate in the upcoming season of Eurocup Q4TDM.

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Sometimes you Win, Sometimes you Lose

written by: optimizer

We are back home in Sweden after an awesome tournament taking place in Aarhus, Denmark with us going home with a bronze medal after three thrilling matches against a-losers and team FOE.

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Mobsters Leave for Aarhus, Denmark

written by: optimizer

It’s time, Tomorrow (Thursday) we’re leaving our Swedish headquarter to fight for the Eurocup XIII title in Aarhus, Denmark. Three other families, mainly from Sweden will try to make us fail to reach our goal, they will not succeed.

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Wise guys makes Dutch People Cry

written by: optimizer

As you may have noticed, we have qualified for the big smack down somewhere in Europe, retiring families from both Germany and the Netherlands without losing a single map. Today we’re officially on summer vacation, so here’s a brief recap of what the family have been up to lately:

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The Family Seals a Deal with the Old Men

written by: optimizer

We are happy to announce www.oldmen.dk as our new partner during our time in EuroCup XIII, participating in the Q4TDM tournament. The sponsorship includes a private danish TDM-server that we hope will be a lethal weapon on our journey through the tournament and help us secure a ticket to the finals.


Important Announcement

written by: Voice of Fate

Good evening, London. It’s nine o’clock and this is The Voice of Fate broadcasting on 275 and 285 in the medium wave … It is the seventeenth of the fifth, two-thousand-and-six …

Today the third installment of the lm homepage was opened. It was coded by Istari and designed by Istari and optimizer. Not all features are yet implemented though, and it still lacks some data.

The official lm spokesperson had this to say:

“Much has happened since our last page went out of service (2 years ago?) and it was about time we got a new one. We currently play Quake 4, and participate in ClanBase’s EuroCup XIII.

“Furthermore, our roster has changed a bit; mick and fazz represent our newest TDM additions.”

That is all. Have a pleasant evening.