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Important Announcement

written by: Voice of Fate

Good evening, London. It’s nine o’clock and this is The Voice of Fate broadcasting on 275 and 285 in the medium wave … It is the seventeenth of the fifth, two-thousand-and-six …

Today the third installment of the lm homepage was opened. It was coded by Istari and designed by Istari and optimizer. Not all features are yet implemented though, and it still lacks some data.

The official lm spokesperson had this to say:

“Much has happened since our last page went out of service (2 years ago?) and it was about time we got a new one. We currently play Quake 4, and participate in ClanBase’s EuroCup XIII.

“Furthermore, our roster has changed a bit; mick and fazz represent our newest TDM additions.”

That is all. Have a pleasant evening.

  1. #1 yay

    written by: optimizer

    olol istari my coding hero \o/

  2. #2 \o/

    written by: ghostie

    Vem hoppar å hojjar? Å jazzar å plojjar? Jo balla trazan apansson!

  3. #3 aaachoo

    written by: vlad

    kanelbulle. cinnamonbun. så e det.

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