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Building a New Family

written by: optimizer

Today we salute our most notorious wise guy, Dan ”odium” Johansson as he’s now building his own family down in south Sweden with his wife Elina. Father to a newly born daughter, Isabella, he’s now focusing on what’s its like to be a family father.

Our family want to wish odium and his new family good luck in whatever the future brings them, and for those who might not know what this guy have achieved here’s some of his impressive results during the years.


Winner of TRIAD2 1on1 (Q2)

Winner of TRIAD2 4on4 (Q2)

Winner of TRIAD2 FFA (Q2)


Winner of MD.se 1on1 (Q2)

Second place HPW league 4on4 (Q2)


Winner of Swedish Q2 Team League 4on4 (Q2)

Winner of NDML2 4on4 (Q2)

Third place Clanbase OC 4on4 (Q3)

Third place Scandinavian Duel Tour (Q2)


Winner of NDML3 4on4 (Q2)

Winner of NQ2L-2 4on4 (Q2)

Winner of EQ2L 4on4 (Q2)

Second place Clanbase OC 4on4 (Q2)


Winner of NDML4 4on4 (Q2)

Second place Clanbase OC 4on4 (Q2)

Third place NDML5 4on4 (Q2)


Second place Clanbase OC 4on4 (Q2)

Second place NDML6 4on4 (Q2)


Third place in ECXIII 4on4 (Q4)

  1. #1 :)

    written by: odis

    Thank you guys, wish we could gather the old gang sometime and have a few beers and talking about old good times. Cheers!

  2. #2 :D

    written by: welkin

    Hehe, he ain’t called THE LEGEND for nothing! gl hf, leif-lennart!

  3. #3 =D

    written by: Parish

    Grattis Odium!

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