legacy of the mob


Where Are they Now? Pt.1

written by: optimizer

A lot have changed since the glory days of being a member of a respected family, still respected for their work during the golden years of mobster wars, yet no longer feared.

A lot of people have asked the same question since we ran out of business back in 2006: Where are they now? I decided to track down the remaining mobsters, trying to find out what these wise guys are doing today.

Al “odium” Capone

This wise guy started his career as a youngster and worked his way up among the top mobsters very fast. We saw the talent and potential in this intelligent guy and decided to invite him into the family before anyone else did. Soon he was our most notorious member, feared by everyone for his rocket skills and street knowledge he lead the family through a lot of successful hits.

Today, odium still lives somewhere in south of Sweden, recently he got a daughter, Isabella, together with his wife Elina. The parenthood made him take a few steps back, but rumors says, that odium, is working extra as a hitman in Europe.

Charles “blaz” Lucky Luciano

The humble guy from up north of Sweden, blaz, joined the crew when we upgraded our weapon arsenal, expert on handling the infamous LG (Lightning Gun) he was our tool when legacy of the mob challenged the big families for the titles.

Money laundry was never a problem when this guy was around as he was a talented poker player, also the same thing that made him hard to control, he was always waiting for that perfect hand.

Last time we heard from blaz, he moved his business to Thailand trying to expand the family territory.

Fredo “zth” corleone

Fredo, or “zth” as he’s most known as on the streets, infiltrated famous families such as QPO and ic. He doesn’t need much of a presentation, this guy knew what it takes to make your way to the top and was a missing piece in our puzzle.

We often saw him working hand in hand with blaz, knocking around people and expanding the family business. After blowing up a whole police squad he was constantly on the run from Uncle Sam and forced to fake his own death.

The word on the street says that “zth” was murdered by his own family on a boat trip because of his womanizing weakness, but truth is, he is working as phone salesmen somewhere in the capital of Sweden.

Vincent “twm” Mangano

Twinman, or twm as he’s called amongst the family made a name of himself after wiping out a whole family, recruited not only for his skills in killing people but also for his wide knowledge and contacts in the liquor business.

As for today, twm still controls 65% of the bar and liquor stores import/export in Sweden.

Some nights he steps in behind the bar, trying to widen his contacts, when he’s not behind the bar he’s out making hits for those who can afford to hire him.

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