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Where Are they Now? Pt. 2

written by: optimizer

Last time we tracked down odium, blaz, zth and twm, finding out what these guys are doing today as ex-mobsters. Today we continue our search for ex-mobsters, find out how we managed to turn a pig into a mobster. Welcome to part two of “Where are they now?”

George “Sir” Moran

He came from a family with a long list of names in the force, with one single thing on his mind, to stop the mobster wars. He knew that he had to aim high and hunt down the high rank members of each family to manage to end the mobster era.

His plan almost succeeds as he came eye to eye with Al “odium” Capone and managed to arrest him in a strip bar. On their way to the police station, something happened in that car, the police record says that odium managed to escape, but from that day, that pig was our man on the inside, working close with odium in lots of successful hits and always giving us a heads up when it was time to disappear.

Back in 2008 we saw Sir getting picked up by a police squad, rumors says that they put him behind bars and threw away the key, others that he managed to escape and flee somewhere up north of Sweden, the truth is, we don’t really know…

Bernardo “Mikko” provenzano

Bernardo “mikko” provenzano, also known as don Istari’s right hand, a title he got cause of his loyalty to the family, if anyone knew that the family was important, it was this guy. His short temper combined with his talent of killing everyone that got in his way made him a real killing machine.

If don Istari put a contract on someone, mikko was the guy to hire to make sure that the job got done.

After a big hit going wrong in Denmark 2006, mikko simply disappeared because of all the heat from both Interpol and the Swedish police force.

Today he seems to have found his way back once again, in his mansion down in south of Sweden, he have started to equip for some new mobsters wars. The future will tell if he manage to make his and the family name to rise from the shadows.

Frank “Istari” Costello

Don “Istari”, once fighting for big families such as 9 and CA but after seeing the potential in the core members of lm he decided to switch sides. It didn’t take long before Istari worked his way up in the family and soon he was ready to take over as the new Don of lm.

His first task as the new Don was to make sure that he had good people working close to him and if mikko was his right hand man, odium for sure was his left hand.

Together with these two guys he knew that they had a chance to be the biggest and most feared family in mobster city.

Istari was pretty much the brain behind every successful hit in the 2000, and if he didn’t participate himself, he made sure that mikko and odium had the right people around to get the job done.

After the 2006 Aarhus-hit, Istari felt it was time to disappear for a while, he decided to move the headquarter to the high and unexplored mountains of Sweden, where no one would ever find him. As for today, he is still there, working on his masterplan to once again take over the world as the leading family.

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