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Wise guys makes Dutch People Cry

written by: optimizer

As you may have noticed, we have qualified for the big smack down somewhere in Europe, retiring families from both Germany and the Netherlands without losing a single map. Today we’re officially on summer vacation, so here’s a brief recap of what the family have been up to lately:

lm vs mTw 3-0 - quarterfinal
The biggest German family with the deadly name “mortal team work” turned out to be our first enemy after defeating their compatriots, starComa in a flawless victory. As they seemed pretty confident after their achievement we decided to release mick and odium on the streets for some target practicing and the three-o-victory was clear. The Germans, not as deadly as their name would tell.

lm vs LKFF 3-0 – semifinal
Our next opponent turned out to be a young family on the uprising, known for their trash talk and huge egos, dreaming to one day conquer the world and rule the mobster city by iron fist. To prevent this to happen we brought out four of our most notorious wise guys to teach these youngsters a couple of lessons in what’s it like to be a real professional in this business. As we started to pull off our shotgun stunts and making the Dutchies drop dead one by one they decided to pick up the white flag and surrender with tears fading down their young and untouched faces.

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    written by: Youhei

    To be fair, that nose picking doesn’t hpeapn a lot. Not as much as this writer saying. Irving, what you are saying is just bullshit. Cause a lot of people think kerchiefs are disgusting just like I do. I bet you can find a bag of paper tissues in every house, most time blue coloured with the brand Tempo .But Agnes who are you to tell us what to do? To be fair I don’t even care what other people think about me (not that I nosepick). That’s typical Dutch, we really don’t care what other people think of us.

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