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Mobsters Leave for Aarhus, Denmark

written by: optimizer

It’s time, Tomorrow (Thursday) we’re leaving our Swedish headquarter to fight for the Eurocup XIII title in Aarhus, Denmark. Three other families, mainly from Sweden will try to make us fail to reach our goal, they will not succeed.

To Denmark we will send four of our most notorious wise guys consist of odium, mikko, mick, and optimizer ready to put a contract on anyone standing in their way.

Our first war will be against our archrivals, the Swedish powerhouse and runner up from last season, a-losers, on Friday 19.00cet. This war decides who stays in the winner-bracket and who’s going the long way through the loser-bracket.

To the mobmobile!

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    written by: Wilhelm

    I do like the Aarhus Office. The next step is to consider a mlaovbee solar facade that doubles as adjustable external shading for the building.It’s interesting that they lowered the internal shades during winter. Perhaps the low winter sun is a little too intense to be useful for lighting purposes?

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