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Sometimes you Win, Sometimes you Lose

written by: optimizer

We are back home in Sweden after an awesome tournament taking place in Aarhus, Denmark with us going home with a bronze medal after three thrilling matches against a-losers and team FOE.

We came to this tournament as the clear favourites to take home the first prize, yet we only managed to get third with only a couple of frags separating the top three teams. We didn’t have that extra luck to win those close maps and of course it feels a little bit frustrating but we salute FOE and a-losers for some of the most exciting games we have ever played.

The tournament itself could have been a lot smoother, computers crashing, network going down and 40 degrees on stage made you feel like you were playing Quake4 in a sauna. Yet the LAN was a blast, and the top three teams really showed that Quake4 TDM is something that deserves a lot more focus and tournaments.

And what will happen now you may ask? Well we would like to continue to play Quake4 TDM, but to do that the community needs more LAN and tournaments to participate in. And with CPL seriously thinking about to bring Quake3 TDM back we might revert back, but we wish that they will pick Quake4.

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